I've been promising myself for quite some time I was going to create a basic wardrobe for myself, clean out my closet and only augment it from time to time with only fabulous pieces from the thrift shop.  This is the start of that.  The below dresses are things I either own, or are very close to it.  Minion #1 goes for heart surgery tomorrow, so I'll include actual photos of my things I'm keeping in the dresses category when I get home.

For me, the absolute basics for dresses in my wardrobe are a shirt dress, a graphic print dress, a t-shirt dress, and a cocktail dress.  For things I know I'm going to be wearing for a number of years and through a few seasons, I tend toward neutrals and better designers.  Trendy styles and colors I'm not as worried about and spend very little on.  As you're looking through your closet at what you have, ask yourself a few questions.  Do you love it?  Does it fit you perfectly?  How long has it been since you've worn it last.  If you have things that don't fit, and you don't love, chances are you aren't wearing them either and you should pull them from your closet to be donated.
The LBD in your closetThe LBD, every woman's friend and foe all wrapped up into one garment. I've included a number of styles in here, but the only important thing is that it fits you, you love it and you'll wear it for years to come.  For fun I've also included a few pairs of must have shoes.  Heels or low heel you should have a pair of dressy sling backs, and pumps in a basic black along with flats in both dressy and casual styles.  For jewelry, the basics are a set of pearls, a solitare necklace in either diamond or CZ with earrings to match.  You can't go wrong with a smaller pair of neutral hoops either.

Get your link on!  Show me what you have for dresses in your closet.

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