A long time ago, in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away I was a summer camp counselor.  If you've never had the pleasure of dealing with other people's kids en mass, it's one of the hells no one talks about.  I went back to that special place today, but only to visit, when I volunteered to chaperon a field trip for Minion #2's 4th grade class.
Field Trip to the MuseumThe trip was to the State Museum of PA.  I chuckle each time we go there (mostly to myself) about the exhibits not really changing.  I'm fairly certain most of it was in the same spot when I was there, in the 4th grade.  The motley crew of 4th graders I was issued were really pretty great.  Fun kids that weren't yelling, running all over the place and being generally a nuisance.  I kinda felt bad for some of the other parents, for about a second and a half.  Then, our little group wandered about the museum, took in the exhibits and enjoyed ourselves.
I was wandering about in some really comfy Easy Spirit flats, a pair of Theory cargos that allow the bottom hem to roll up and button to make into capris and a plain linen shell.  I accessorized with some turquoise, wood and silver jewelry and made sure to pack a few necessities into my big brown bucket bag.  The list included a tiny first aid kit, water bottle and lunch.
I didn't take many photos.  What I did take, I used for instagram.
William Penn Statue
Flags in the main gallery
1965 Light fixture in the main gallery

Need some additional outfit inspirations?  
pleated poppy

By request from Allison, I'm also here!
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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous!

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