The stores are all adverting for back to school deals this time of year, and if you're like me, you're wondering what do I actually -NEED- for my minions this year?  

We do cyber school, which as far as I'm concerned is the best thing ever.  All the benefits of homeschooling with the added benefit of lesson plans, books, and schedules you don't have to make up!  This also means I don't have to worry as much over the big list of supplies (no more buying glue sticks by the case, yay!) the school is begging for this year.  I just have to worry about their clothes and fitting and if they have a few pencils, pens and paper to write and take notes with.

We don't have worries over Joey's shoes are cooler, or Bobby has better jeans than me.  We also don't have bullying issues, or worrying over when lunch is.  The minions come to work with us each day, have their own office to go to school in, and have to dress for the office too.  In our case it's business casual and casual Fridays.

 I've posted these lists before, and they are on my pinterest as well, but I thought I'd dust them off and get them out again.

My minions are responsible for their own clothes and keeping what's in them up to date with sizes - with some minor help.  The list to the left is great to give your kid(s) an idea as to what they need or should have.  The size card is great to keep in their wallets so they always know what sizes to buy.

Next week we'll be back to school shopping for whatever the minions determine they need based on the list and rules for the office.  We'll also be comparison shopping to get the most we can for the money.

What do you end up buying for Back to School?