When we bought our house it came with some really awesome features.  Some of those marvelous features were 70's wood-like paneling and wallpaper the likes of which powder scented grannies everywhere would kill for.
Granted, the wallpaper nearly killed me on multiple occasions, but I just hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it yet.  I mean, have you ever tried taking off 40 year old wallpaper?  It's not fun.  It's also not fun to nearly blind yourself from it every time you walk in there either.

This little slice of heaven is what I started with.  Jealous, aren't you?  I knew you would be.  Do you see the duct tape on that soap dish?  Yeah, minion #2 has a matching scar on the top of his head from taking that sucker off when he was 2.  That towel rack that's IN the shower.  It bit me once.  I have the scar to prove it.  This bathroom had it in for all of us at one time or another.

Isn't the lighting awesome?  I'm pretty sure those were cool, never.  The funny part is that the glass part wasn't even stationary.  I think they were builders special outdoor lights.  

If all of that wasn't special enough, we have the best tile on the planet for the floor.  I'm not sure who thought dog poo brown was a great idea for tile floors, but they lived here at one time.  Even better, they left this legacy for us to enjoy.

Wallpaper is not fun to remove.  It took days to peel it, then steam and scrape it off.  Once I had it scraped, then I had to wash the walls to get all the old glue off.  Oh, and I'm allergic to adhesives.  Yeah, I forgot about that until I was washing the walls and wondering why my hands were stinging, itchy and all red.  Yeah, I know.  I'm an idiot.  But I did get rid of the wallpaper.

After much contemplation, and running into a 75% off sale somewhere.  I found a few things I liked and picked a palette and theme.  The paint went on and the minions started to get excited.  Ok, maybe not excited, but they were happy their bathroom was no longer a grandmothers dreamland.  For spite, I ripped off that towel bar and because I didn't want another trip to the ER regrading that soap dish the tiles were taken out and later replaced.  Those same jerks with the dog poo tile...yeah they left a treasure trove of those and the off white tiles in the attic.

Even the window got in on being a jerk during this remodel.  We have wooden Andersen windows with the old style balances in with the strings... Yep, those broke as well so the whole window needed to come out, have those replaced, and 'convinced' to go back in.

The rug hides the tile pretty well, I think.  If I close my eyes I can pretend it's just dark sand.

Slightly more manly than the awesome flowery wallpaper we were rocking previously.

New faucets and rope mirrors.  The mirrors were just some Salvation Army finds, hot glue, rope and twine.  Not too shabby.

The linen closet previously have shelves that were twice that deep, and fairly unusable.  I took them out, repainted the shelves and took the door off.  It was making opening the actual bathroom door difficult and having it open makes the small space airy.  

So that's it.  I have happier minions and grannies everywhere are cursing me for getting rid of the awesomeness that was the flowery wallpaper.