The King took me to Alexandria, Virginia for a weekend away recently.  It was part of my birthday present and it was nice to get some down time.  We spent Sunday in Old Town enjoying the walk around town.  Most of the side walks are kept brick, especially close to the river.  There are even a few cobblestone streets left in places.  I find a certain type of peace in places with that much history.  To walk in places where long dresses swept the ground, armies marched through and people like George Washington and Robert E. Lee walked gives one pause.
One of the brick lined sidewalks.
A number of boutiques, resale and thrift stores as well as eateries and galleries such as The Torpedo Factory abound.  It sounds like something where you'd either buy food, or weapons, but it's been turned into an Art Centre.  Three floors of open galleries and studios to peruse or purchase the works you find.

Torpedo from 1945 on view.
Many of the boutiques had some gorgeous displays for Christmas.  The one below though, took my breath away.  The shop, called decorium was part of an interior design firm, and their shop simply made me happy. "Snow" covered the floors, "ice" covered branches were everywhere and you really felt like you were walking through a winter wonderland indoors.  I could have stayed there all day and poked through each nook and cranny in the shop and still not have seen everything.  It was simply fun.

Decorium's interior window display.
Hopefully before the holidays are done we can get over to Hershey and enjoy Christmas Candylane.  An evening of music, light shows and a rides in the frosty cold is a lot of fun.  I just have to convince minion #1 of that...

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