For some time I've been collecting photos.  We have a large bin just hanging out in the basement of everything from school pictures to candid shots of life in general. We also have a second larger bin of picture frames of various shapes, sizes, colors and materials.  Then, there are the gigs of photos on our pc's that will need to be sorted through.  The thought of that really gives me a headache, but it needs done before they get deleted, or one of the pc's dies and we lose a bunch of them.  I have two little projects in mind to get the photos out of the basement, and the digitals out where they can be enjoyed.

Project #1 is a wall photo arrangement.  The plan is to get all the frames out, see how many I have and what shapes they are.  Paint them so they all match or coordinate in some complementary way.  Then hang them in a manner that's visually interesting and appealing.  Lucky for us, we have a number of walls in the house still lacking decoration.

I've posted a few of my ideas to pinterest to conceptualize for the husband who's extremely visual.  You can check them out here.

The wall decals I'm considering are from DaliDecals.com.  Though in one of the photos you'll find words in the photo frames which is a great idea too.

I'll be sorting through the photos this weekend and figuring out which wall to put my hair-brained scheme on.  My options are the wall going up the stairs, the dining room, pretty much any of those walls and the back hallway between the kitchen and family room.

Project #2 are the digital photos.  We use XBMC connected to the TV in the living room to control the audio and video functions.  It also allows you to turn your tv into a giant digital photo frame.  I'll be importing our photos there and backing them up properly so they're not lost.

Next Thursday I'll be posting the finished products along with a tutorial of how I put it all together.

See you next Thursday!
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