Last week, I posted a weeklong wardrobe for guys based off of things in the husband's closet.  The funny part of that, is that he was actually using pinterest to find out what he was wearing on what day.
This week, I thought it might be fun to do the same with mine.  I won't need the visuals the way the husband does though, I hope.

If you're looking at what I'm putting together and thinking I don't have anything that looks like that, let alone in that color, don't worry about it.  Style isn't about running to the store and buying exactly what someone else is wearing.  It's about dressing your body, with things that look and feel great on it.  Your fit, size, and color palette will be different than mine, and that's ok.  Hopefully, it will reflect a part of who you are too.

My outfits started out with pajamas on Monday.  Yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to go to work.  I spoke with the Bob's, decided I really wasn't missing it.  For those of you that have been following along with the blog, you'll recall I was put on some new drugs last week.  They work, they're just keeping me awake, so at day three with about an hour of sleep, I may really have been talking to the Bob's.  Readjusting the meds, and am sleeping once again.  But if any of you see me talking to myself this week.  Do me a favor and just pretend it's not happening, plzkthx.

I've found that the more under the weather I feel, the more ridiculous I want my pj's to be.  I personally prefer yellow duckies, in flannel.  They make me feel better.  A comfy blanket, my ipad, some netflix with a documentary, and if you're lucky enough to have anything in a light blue package with a white bow, you're bound to feel better, at least at some point.

Tuesday was much better.  I was back to just feeling silly around the edges from lack of sleep, and left the duckies at home.  Some comfy cords, sweater, vest and jewelery made by yours truly rounded out the ensemble.

Wednesday I'll be moving equipment around at a client site, so I wanted something easy to move in.  Being a woman in the IT field can be annoying at times.  You have to figure in your shoes and hairstyles into your schedule so you're not carrying equipment around in 4" heels, or trying to keep your hair out of your face as you're squished under a desk hooking up cables.

Thursday, for fun, I went with a nautical theme.  The stripes are big for winter and spring, and I was missing my heels.  I'll toss a pair of flats in my tote, just in case, but with any luck, I can enjoy being tall.  Ok, so I'm still not tall, but I can at least reach some shelves with heels on.

Friday is casual at our office, and being that our dress code for everyday is smart casual, we can wear jeans.  I'll be sporting my DKNY skinnys with a pair of Aldo boots.  I managed a really neat vest (Old Navy) at a consignment shop a few weeks ago, as well as an orange Relic bag.  Both have which have become wardrobe favorites and staples for me.  Pairing them up with some fun jewelry, also made by me and with any luck, the guys and I will be interviewing some poor guys who sent in resumes.
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