I really love reading a few personal blogs.  I follow them rather religiously.  The rest, as I peruse, I find myself amused at how perfect their lives are.  The 2.5 children, perfect marriages, the activities they do, the crafts they make, and the time these women have to photo it all, write about it and keep up with their blogs. On top of all that, they're all perfect!  These families have no problems, issues, I don't even think they have dust bunnies (if photos can be believed).  It makes me tired.
My life, not nearly as perfect.  I have problems, issues, and dust bunnies.  I'm married, have kids, a business, hobbies, and of course a home to take care of.
So what is the point of this blog?  Sharing my interests, thoughts, and feelings on everyday life.
Feel free to comment, constructively.  Those that aren't, will simply be deleted.  There's enough hate in the world, I'm not going to foster more of it.


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