After numerous discussions around here of late about the ill-will I bear our home, it was decided that we fix that.  It was even jointly decided that we fix that, which is a huge thing.  Huge!

Originally it was thought to put up some photos, make things look nicer, but adding some photos wasn't going to make me like it here more. I had kind of reached the end of my rope with this house, the things in it and how I was really the only one who cared what it looked like.  To top it off, I'm sick to death of tan and brown.   So, with a resolute attitude, and the effects of the prednisone with me, the husband and I embarked on tearing apart the family room.

The family room, previously had a custom bar in it that used to be jewelery cases, they were cool, but their time is past. An amazing slate topped pub table (bought for next to nothing at the Salvation Army, brand new too!), which is now gracing the eat-in kitchen and my collection of books, some of which are now at the local book shop being traded in for credit, rounded out the room.

Once we unloaded everything out of the room, and it was nice and echoy, we each got busy with the crow bars, pulling up the trim.  Now, trim on paneling is just as craptastic as you're envisioning.  Quarter round at the celing and general moulding at the baseboards.  The quarter round came off easy enough, but the baseboards...
Well, let's just say when we put the click-lock flooring in, we did a great job.  It's so tight to the baseboards, it took some serious tinkering with it to get it out without damaging the floors.  Once we had a system going, everything came down pretty easily, and quickly.

After taking a number of long, long looks at some takes on French Cottage style and visiting a few resale and antique stores we have some great ideas for the family room.  Yes, I said we.  Things we agree on.  Once we have the wallboard hung, taped, mudded, room painted, windows caulked, mantle for the fireplace built...
You see where this is going.

For the now though, we are triumphant!  We came, we attacked with our crowbars and we gave that paneling what for.  Then, in white trash style, we dumped it on what passes for our curb.

Please hurry trash day, I don't even like the paneling outside the house.  Even if it does match the mud.

P.S.  Below are some photos of said room.

Bar Area, pre-demo

Fireplace pre-demo

From where the door was removed - last year.  Yes, I had a hole in my house.  Yes, the husband and I had words about it.

Kitty, inspecting the demo.  She says we are up to code, and happy we don't have to insulate.

More demo.
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