There comes a time  in every relationship where you're getting ready to go out and your date/spouse/significant other comes to you and says how do I look?  You have no good answer for them, because you had no idea they even owned stuff that old, that bad, and that out of style.  And OMG in a few different colors.  How did that happen?  And were you guilty of buying it?
It's a long process to get that other person to really care.  I won't lie to you.  But, there is an easy way to approach it.  You put time effort and energy into looking nice for that person out of respect for them.  Don't they want to do the same for you?  Just deliver it nicely.  If you're a guy reading this and you've heard that line in some fashion, sorry, but that's just how we women roll.
I think, finally out of desperation, I was called in to assess the disaster that was my husbands closet and fix it.  I also think he finally got tired of looking like he was dressed in garanimals every day.  So, we went shopping. He tried on clothes he didn't like on the rack, and then came out saying I look fantastic, this feels great, can we get one in every color?  The answer is a resounding no the last one, just in case you were wondering.
This week I put together outfits for each day.  Most of these are things in his closet, or something very close.  Polyvore is not the best for men's clothing, but you guys who are looking can at least get an idea.
Keep in mind too when you go shopping you MUST try things on.  And reread the rules I posted last week about clothes shopping, don't just buy things to buy them.
Without further ado, here are the outfits.  Go forth and accessorize, guys!
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