This has been one of those weeks where nothing goes the way you think it should.  And I really do mean nothing.  There were the things I had scheduled, and the things that cropped up that weren't.  The things that are expected and then the ones that aren't.
This was the week of things that every woman dreads.  The yearly physical.  It's not that I don't like my family practioner.  I do.  Her name is Lorraine and if you live in Central Pa, I highly recommend her.  It's more just that there is nothing like having another woman feel you up and not even so much as offer to get you a drink.  She even asked me at one point as she was groping me during the exam to let her know if I felt anything out of the ordinary.  Apparently, that means other than another woman feeling up the girls.
Who knew?
We also had a lively discussion about various drugs and options for a few of the issues I have.  For those of you just joining in on the fun of Dawn on Drugs, I'll sum it up quick.  What drugs are supposed to do for people, they don't generally do for me, and if there are side effects to be had, I get them, in spades, sometimes even new ones.
In the end, we finally decided on a short course of some pretty nasty drugs that may in fact do great things.  I'll let you know how it goes, and if I end up with a tail, or something equally amusing, I'll include photos.
In the mean time, after a nutritious dinner of gf chicken nuggets, fries and some beer tonight, I'll be playing Monopoly, the Spongbob edition with the fam.  I can only hope I get to be Gary.

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