When you can't have wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, kidney beans, things from the nightshade family and certain meats, your food options are fairly slim.  I don't know how others have handled it, but after the shock and awe of it all I realized that if I ever wanted to feel like a person again, I was going to have to eat differently.

Food shopping at first was a nightmare.  A quick trip to the store to pick up a few things turns into a three hour tour of hell when you have to read every label and call the manufacturer to verify things. 

Gluten free food, let me clarify that, PACKAGED gluten free food, for the most part, tastes bad.  And by bad, I mean you don't want to smell it, let alone put it in your mouth.  There are some exceptions to this (thank you, good people from Enjoy Life!) but for the most part, it's unexciting and doesn't make you look forward to meals.  So, I don't generally buy it.

A lot of people ask me, "just what is it you eat?"  The answer to that is the same things you do, just prepared differently, and I make a lot of it from scratch using fresh ingredients.  In addition to the no eat list above, I have to watch my sugar intake, and anything that's been fermented, like alcohol.

What happens if you don't eat gluten free, is usually the next question I get asked.  The answer is, you don't really want to know.  Trust me.  It isn't pretty and can include anything from pain to massive infections.

The other thing I should mention is living with others who aren't gluten free, or in my case, everything but air free.  Gluteny people are messy.  Their crumbs get everywhere.  They stick their gluten covered knives in the peanut butter, wipe their hands on kitchen towels, and they have the nerve to drink out of your glass!  Basically, they contaminate your world. 

Next Friday I'll be posting our menu here for the week and one of the recipes that we use.  Right now I'm only thinking ahead to breakfast tomorrow morning, and that's going to be muffins.  Normally we use a modified version of the Big Banana Muffins by Karina Allrich.  Tomorrow morning I think we're going to try her orange almond muffins, maybe with some craisins thrown in for good measure.

Happy eating!
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