I started this post quite some time ago, and never got back around to it.  Shame on me.  In my defense, it was around the time Minion #1 was having heart surgery.  I'll be claiming temporary mommy insanity on that count.  The next time was last week, and I got sick, had a million things going on...stupid life, doesn't it know I have a blog to write?  So finally I'm getting back to closet editing with style and fashion in mind.

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about style and fashion.  If you read that, I mentioned that style is who you are, and you can see a little about me in my clothes.  They're all fairly classic styles.  Things you can wear for years.  They all have the same basic shapes, that show off my assets (small waist) and camouflage the not to great parts (I have a big butt and I can not lie...).  Not a lot of prints, and most have a vintage flair to them.  

I decided to start with dresses this fall since they are all one piece and not quite as mix and match as some of the other things in my closet. In my closet I had three LBD's.  Which, in all honesty was two too many.
Technically, my LBD could double as the cocktail dress, but thanks to my niece and nephew's recent weddings, I have two.  I couldn't show up in the same outfit to two functions.  I mean, who does that?

T-Shirt dresses are a staple for me.  They can be worn with tights, leggings, even jeans to create a bunch of different looks.  If you put a shirt under it or over it, you have more looks.  Add a sweater and you have another outfit, it's really genius. For now, here are mine.

Graphic print dresses.  Everyone has their own take on them, again, I tend toward neutrals because you already have things going on with the print.  Bright colors with bold prints are just not me.  I had a few print dresses,  two of which I've had since right after minion #2.   I kept two.  Yes, I know, that is animal print, I think of it as cougar, RAWR!  ;)

Vintage and classic dresses.  I have a soft spot for these, faux or the real deal, I always have a few in my closet.  Right now I have a vintage seersucker dress.  My holiday frock by the legendary Mr. T has been edited as has my long Benetton.

That's it.  My dresses are edited down.  I have what I really want in my closet and I'll be selling my vintage things in the etsy shop.

On to colors.  As you are trying things on with your closet edit, you may notice a few pieces wash you out, make you look too pale, or even seem to make your skin take on a yellow or green cast to it.  Not all colors were made for all people.  Here are a few tips for finding the right colors for you:

Winter: (cool) Your natural hair color is usually dark and you have brown, hazel, dark blue, grey or green eyes. Your skin has a cool blue undertone. Winter people can wear true black or white clothing. Clear, true vivid colors from light to dark will make you look good. Any colors with blue undertones are recommended. Dull or dusty colors should be avoided.

Spring: (warm) Your natural hair color is flaxen or strawberry blond to medium or reddish brown. Eyes will be blue, aqua or golden brown. Your skin has a warm yellow undertone and hues with yellow undertones look best on you. Medium to light colors are better than dark shades. 

Summer: (cool) You have rosy delicate coloring with a blue undertone. You may get a sunburn easily. Your hair is ash blond, which often darkens with age. Blue eyes are most common but some have green, grey, hazel or brown eyes. You should wear dusty or muted shades with blue or rose undertones. Cool soft colors are the best.

Autumn: (warm) You have reddish highlights in hair ranging from blond to dark chestnut brown. Your eyes are usually brown but some are green, hazel or blue-green. Your skin may have freckles and it has a golden undertone. You should wear strong but dusty colors with orange or yellow undertones.

One easy way to tell if you are a cool or a warm is to flip your wrist over and look at your veins.  If they appear blue you are a cool toned person.  If they appear to have a slight green tinge to them, you're a Vulcan warm.
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