I'm cheating a little on my tutorial this week.  This article was written for my day job, but it's relevant here as well as most of us bloggers have Facebook pages.  If you've been looking for a few new ways to invigorate Facebook, read on!
Most, if not all businesses have Facebook pages, twitter accounts, Instagram, and Pinterest sites these days.  More often than not they are started and then left to go cold and unused.  If you've been putting off keeping your Facebook site up to date and relevant, here are a few tips to help you out.
Get all your fans to see all your posts.
You have lots of fans who like your page but you have little to no response to your postings. It could be that a lot of your fans aren't seeing your posts anymore. The way to combat that is to remind your fans that they should hover over the like button and be sure they add it to their interests list.

Pinning, it’s not just for Pinterest junkies.
You can pin your posts to the top of your page so that your fans, or potential fans will see them first on your landing page. This is a great feature if you have products you’re trying to sell, or a cause you’re promoting over a timed schedule.

Speaking of causes…
If you have one you’re passionate about, or are supporting, use your cover photo to showcase it.  Be sure to follow it up with a few posts and photos from events that support the cause.

Crowd source your content.
Feature your customers on your coverpage or your posts! Ask for photos of people with your products. If you’re a realtor ask people to send you photos once they've moved in and decorated with a short story of the buying process went.
Return the love
Your fans have taken their time to come like your page, be sure you take the time to say thank you. Respond to the posts people leave for you, and ask others to get involved in the discussion too so that they feel they've been heard.
Have a little fun with it.
Not every post has to be serious. Use humor where you can to entertain as well as inform in your posts.

Go personal.
Showing that there are people behind the business can be a powerful thing, good and bad. As long as you’re not oversharing, it’s good to be personable. Run into a client at lunch? Why not share a photo of your group? The trick is to be relateable.
Have a contest
Everyone likes to be a winner, and they’re fun. Contests are a great way to your page, increase your likes and get new business.
Cross promotion
If you don’t have a link from your website or blog to your Facebook site and vice versa, do that now. You should also be listing it on your email signature and your business cards as well.
Post regularly
This seems like such a no brainer, but it’s not that easy. One post a day is what’s suggested to stay relevant and visible. Post more often if you can, and with a mixed variety of the above.
Good luck and hey – stop by Facebook and like the page!

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