I hate you, closet!
Oh, wait, check Pinterest.
There's inspiration!

I promise, no more bad poetry this week.  Or ever.  Especially haiku.  It's just not my forte.  What is my forte is making new outfits out of clothes I already have so I don't have to keep buying new ones.  It can be a challenge, because after a while your clothes all start looking the same.  You get into a rut and those pants go with that shirt and that's the end of your thought process.  Yeah, I've been there.

Enter Pinterest.  If you've never used the site for outfit inspiration, you're missing out.  Will you find the contents of your closet there?  Probably not, but I bet you'll find some things that are close.  I was browsing Pinterest this morning for some inspiration and came across this little gem.

Hello nameless size -0 model.
It's a cute outfit.  One I can get away with for days in the office.  So, tan pants - check, brown boots - check, off white sweater - yep have that too.  Awesome, an outfit for the day!

My version is a pair of Old Navy pants, a Calvin Klein sweater and some Aldo boots.  The accessories added some girlyness to it.  The scarf I found at Rue 21 and the belt is from Target.

I have both a guys and ladies outfit board at Pinterest if you're interested in checking out more outfits.  

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  1. Katie Says:

    I'm so thankful for pinterest too!! love your outfit! and LOVE the wall behind you too!

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