I had a request not too long ago from Becky about doing an inspired outfit.  She's hooked on Drop Dead Diva, which I'd never heard of, let alone seen.  But, by the power of Netflix, I was able to fix that!  After watching a few episodes, and visiting the shows website to take the which cast member are you quiz (I'm most like Kim, btw) I decided I'd fashion up a Kim outfit from my closet.

The clothes are all from White House Black Market, the shoes are Aldos.  I chose some diamond half hoops for my ears, put my hair up, because it's going to be 100+ , and brought some black flats along in case I had to do any real walking.  Stilettos look fantastic, make you taller and make the line of your leg look great, but aren't made to walk distances in.

Also, this is my 100th post.  So yay!

As usual I'm linking up over the Pleated Poppy.
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  1. Becky M. Says:

    I could totally see Kim wearing this outfit. :)

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