Pumpkin Spice Latte Season Fall has finally begun.  The days are getting shorter, the air crisper and there are pumpkins everywhere.  All of this suits me just fine.  I love layers, evenings by the fire and pumpkin anything.  Also means I don't have to slather myself in as much sunblock, for which my freckles are happy about.

This week's outfit is all about taking your current clothing and making it work for fall by adding a layer, some accessories, or making a different shoe choice.  So, as I was browsing through Pinterest the other day I came upon this beauty and realized I have most of these pieces.

Oh, Pinterest, I <3 you!

Here's the outfit I put together from my wardrobe, adding a few things to give it more of a fall look.

How cool is the mantle artwork?
I took some Old Navy perfect khaki's and tucked them into my heeled Aldo boots in cordovan leather.
A coral ruffle edged wrap blouse from Van Heusen and Banana Republic scarf are layered in under the denim jacket.  A pair of diamond hoops are the only jewelry I'm wearing today.  Sometimes simple is better.

4 Responses
  1. Daisy Says:

    Great outfit, loooove the denim jacket!
    You styled it really great I think :)
    I love pumpkin spice latte season too AND in 5 more days they'll finally be selling that delicious brew here in England, can't wait.

  2. Dawn Says:

    The denim jacket - thrifted. Think it was 5 bucks or something equally ridiculous. Strangely, it doesn't seem ridiculous to visit England just to celebrate Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Maybe I can convince the king that would be an awesome early birthday gift?

  3. I heart the pumpkin spice latte too!! I love that you are incorporating what you already have by getting pinspiration!

  4. Angela Says:

    Super cute, I am from Scotland but live in Texas, the two worlds cant be further apart as far as weather goes, but this morning it was crisp and fall like in Texas, feel I may get my boots out soon :) p.s newest follower on GFC from Moms Monday Mingle :)

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