It's Wednesday once again and this week I decided on a dress.  A maxi-dress of all things.  Typically I stay away from anything longer than knee length because it tends to make me look shorter.  And when you're already a foot shorter than your king, it starts to look silly unless you wear heels all the time.  Oh wait...I do wear heels all the time.  The dress is so comfortable though, it's made of the softest t-shirt type material known to man.  I'm going to be sad to give to this dress up when it's time has come and gone.

Without the jacket
Anyway, the maxi is from Charlotte Russe, the jacket is a thrift shore find, belt is a Target special and the shoes are Kensie, from DSW.

With the jacket
The messy bun took me about 2 minutes to do.  Put your hair in a pony tail.  Divide the tail into two sections and twist it.  Make a twisted braid.  Band the end and using another rubber band, loop the small end to the larger band you used towards the crown of your head.  Then, with a few bobby pins, haphazardly pin sections of the twist to your head.  Poof, instant messy bun!

What are you all wearing today?

Black-maxi for fall

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  1. Shandy Says:

    Looking great as usual!

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