Who knew a fashion post could be (in part) about autism?  Bet you didn't!  Well, my lovelies, today it is.  It's also about one of my favorite things, SHOES!

Autism has some of the craziest signs for a disorder, ever.  One of them happens to be toe walking, which, if you have a toddler is a common thing.  Toddlers will toe walk, slap their feet down flat or roll their foot like an adult as they learn to get themselves ambulatory.  For some people with autism, it's a learned skill to not walk on their toes.  Minion #1 is one of those people.  We still work on that skill, especially if he's getting tired.  As with everything else, as your  mind and body tire, the brain relaxes and things you have to think about doing go to the wayside.

As you can also imagine, it takes a toll on his shoes.  The wear patterns are different on his long toed, narrow feet.  The treads on the fronts and sides are worn down long before the rest of the shoe.  When he was younger, due to the shuffling and scuffing, the treads would come away from the shoe as well.  We tried a number of things to address the walking issues he had.  We went from constant reminders, showing him again and again how we walked to letting him go barefoot.  Nothing really worked.  Until flip flops.  Turns out toe walking in those makes you trip over your own feet.  After a summer or so of that, the issue resolved itself, minus a few small reminders now and then when he's tired.

We women also do a good bit of toe walking if we wear heels a lot.  It's a bit different in that the foot is forced into that position, but it does the same things.  There are a number of issues that can crop up from wearing heels, from bunions to stress fractures of the foot.  So, if you love your heels like I do, here are a few tips to keep your feet feeling awesome.

* When you buy shoes, make sure they fit your foot.  Not all shoes from all makers in your size will.
Clarks are a great shoe.  They don't fit my foot though.  My go to heels are from Aldo and Easy Spirit for flats.  I don't even feel them on my foot.

* Pad your shoes so you're always comfortable.  They make inserts for just that reason.
There are inserts for the balls of your feet, sides, heels...etc.

* Own more than two pair of shoes, guys.
If you wear the same shoes over and over before they have a chance to dry out, you'll end up with some rank smelling shoes from the bacteria that's breeding in there.  Freezing them for longer than 24 hours will kill the bacteria.

* Pedicures - do them yourself if you like.  It keeps the blisters, calluses and cracked feet to a bare minimum.

* If you're not great with heels, but still want to wear them, try a lower wide heel, or a wedge.  There are plenty of styles out there that don't look like your grandmas shoes.

Also, here is today's outfit

Fall tans

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  1. That's a great outfit...that jacket is amazing! As an ABA therapist I've worked on the toe-walking thing with many of kiddos too, so I know what you're talking about! Good luck!

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