Birthday party ensemble
Ouftfit #1
Nothing to see here, not really.  It's just another post about clothes for the weekend.  Though, this could easily work at the office too.  But, wear different shoes than flip flops.  Some people just hate the sound they make.  At home, or out and about, who cares?  Not me, or your friendly neighborhood honeybadger.
Outfit #2
This weekend will no doubt be packed to the gills with fun stuff.  We have a birthday for minion #1 on Saturday (see outfit #1) and there was talk of geocaching on Sunday (outfit #2), barring rain.  I know you may not believe I'm going to brave the outdoors.  But I do on occasion.  They aren't often, but it does in fact happen.  Just last weekend I went hiking, in dress shoes, to waterfalls.  True Story.  I think I can manage bumbling about in hiking shoes, looking for some treasure like a land-locked pirate for an afternoon.  As long as I have my bug spray, a thermos of mojitos and can still see civilization from wherever the GPS says we should go.  With any luck I'll have Shandy along for moral support, and with her being preggo...I keep the mojitos all to myself!

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