Have you ever had just one of those days?  Maybe a bad week where things just weren't going well for you?  The world just seems like it turned against you suddenly for no real reason?  Yeah, I had that experience, and the cherry that topped off this particularly bad, three scoop of poo sundae disaster?  Walmart, on a Saturday.
The story begins by me getting sick.  Not the oh noes!  I have the sniffles variety.  No, I'm not that easy.  I'm talking the been to every doctor on the planet, no one has any clue what's making me sick kind of thing.  I have some minor surgery, home the same day kind of thing to rule out fun things like ovarian cancer, etc and I realize I'm really itchy the next day.  No biggie, anesthesia does that to me sometimes.  So, I do what any normal person would do and let it go a few days.
A few days later...
Shingles - right on the bra line
Now there's a rash too!  OMG is that...no, I've had those already, a few times.  Why does the rash burn?  And now it itches again.  Back to my GP I go to get this looked at.  She takes one glance at it, smiles and tells me I have a really nice case of shingles.  (Shingles are great for roofs, really, really awful on people.  That vaccine they have - GET IT!  Get it now!)  She gets out her prescription pad, writes one for the shingles, an anti-biotic for something else I managed to get, and because of my track record thus far, diflucan in case the anti-biotic caused a yeast infection, we'd just stop that before it got started.  My GP, she's just that perky!
Awesome.  I get my itchy, painful, burning carcass over to the pharmacy at Walmart (I needed milk and we didn't have a Target yet, don't judge me!) and hand over the three prescriptions.  I hadn't really thought about them, or looked at them, I really was just misery on feet at this point.  But, the look on the face of the pharmacy tech, and the fact that his eyebrow was starting to climb alarmed me.  He goes over to the pharmacist to 'check to see if they had everything in stock' while nodding to the pharmacist in my direction with this odd smile.
It was about this time that my brain started to connect the dots.  Valtrex, Amoxicillin and Diflucan - OMG they think I have STDs!  Fantastic, I've just become one of the people of walmart.
Today, as I'm writing this story, I go to peopleofwalmart.com (mostly to check that I'm still not there), and you just can't make this suff up people, this is what I find:
From Peopleofwalmart.com

                                                              Pure kismet.
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  1. Becky M. Says:

    It's like one of those Seinfeld moments. :)

  2. Becky M. Says:

    This showed up in my inbox this morning:

    10 Articles Needed On The Subject "Herpes" and STD

    I immediately thought, "Wonder how Dawn's doing?" lol

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