Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words?  Believe it or not, probably not with the amount of ranting I've been doing, I really am in some ways.  I'm completely bewildered at the attitude and words of the Director of Special Education of a school district.  Insurance fraud is okay if you don't mean it.  She didn't understand how we could not want to be serviced by the provider that committed the fraud.  She couldn't understand why we would want to report the district for fraud.

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Now, if you don't mind slipping into my shoes for a few minutes (yes, I'll even let you slip into a pair of my favorites) I'd like to ask you a few questions.  How would you react on finding out you had a service provider for your child that was defrauding you?  In our case both with the Medicaid, and not following the IEP, so he wasn't receiving the services to which he was legally entitled to.  Would you be comfortable with a provider who thought simply being in the room was even to satisfy an IEP?  Would you be comfortable with a provider who refused to add things to an IEP, claiming it couldn't be done?  What about a provider that knew your child's therapy was not in his best interest, but did it anyway so the provider could use him as a teaching tool for the other children she was also providing therapy for?

Think about all of that for just a bit.  Think about your child.  How would you want your child to be treated?  How would you handle the situation?

We have another IEP meeting on Wednesday, in the afternoon.  His teacher, the speech provider and her supervisor are scheduled to be at this meeting.  The husband and I have discussed all this, and more that I haven't bored you with.  Let me assure you, I've divulged the highlights of the crap.  It's really a bit worse.  We've come up with a plan of action that we are set on at this point.  But I really am interested to hear other opinions and even suggestions.  Perhaps you've experienced something similar, and can offer a few gems?

I've created a poll, if you just want to answer if you would allow the therapist to provide service.    I've also opened comments.

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