With life being insane, the Instagram challenge needed to be put on hold a bit.  I know, you're probably thinking, 'but the photos, they must go on!'.  And so they shall.  My offerings to appease those who have been checking in are:  Delicious?
Chocolate and pineapple
While I was out in Atlantic City, there was some shopping done.  Then some additional shopping in King of Prussia on the way back.  I swear that mall is my kryptonite (also, just for fun the suggested spelling for kryptonite is Cryptozotic).  They really do have about everything there.  Sometimes two of them.  One of my newest experiences was a Brighton store.  Cute jewelry, cute bags, really nice shoes, of which I didn't buy any for the same reason I didn't buy any of the handbags I really liked. Justifying a bag, or a pair of shoes that cost as much as a car payment is really hard.  And the husband would actually get mad about that.  Like the Hulk, I don't like him when he's angry.  Anyway, I was talking about the next word, which is how this all got started.  I needed a new key ring, and they had one at the Brighton shop, and they had an adorable coffee charm to go on it.  So here are my Keys.

I <3 coffee
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