This is actually part 2 of The One With The IEP.  We had so much fun the last few days, and with phone calls and emails, I thought I'd share it.  What I really want to do right now, is laugh until I cry, and do a bit of a victory dance.  But, as usual I digress.
The husband added the wine glass
I'm really only drinking chai.
When last I ranted about the IEP and the speech therapist, we were concerned that there was some insurance fraud going on due to some inconsistencies in how the services were being delivered, and the discrepancies in what we were hearing from the classroom teacher to the therapist.  This was indeed confirmed tonight when we spoke with the Director of Special Education for the Cumberland Valley School District.  Though, she preferred to say they discovered that things were billed incorrectly, for about a year.  Oops.  But, not to worry, we were informed by the same Director that it was okay, because the speech therapist didn't mean to break the law, or commit insurance fraud.  It's alright, I understand if you need to get a glass of wine here, or just need a few minutes to stop laughing.  I know we did.  I'm talking about the laughing part, not the wine. Though, I should really write a post about wine, because I'm beginning to think this blog needs more of it.

IEP - the draft copy.
Anyway, long conversation ensued.  We outlined our issues with the therapist.  Her lack of communication, her inability to write an IEP that actually had anything appropriate in it, refusing to put things into the IEP, not knowing the laws that govern an IEP, little things like insurance fraud (but seriously, it's ok - she didn't mean it), basically, we just don't trust her at this point.
So, now we wait.  I've asked for IEP team meeting again (by the love of all things holy, what was I thinkin?) to get the speech section straightened out.  And then we decide if we are going to call the Attorney General's Office to report the insurance fraud, I mean billing error - or whatever it is she didn't mean to do.  But really, why would we, 'She didn't mean it'.
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