Nothing important happened today in IEP land.  The husband stopped by the district office to pick up the Medicaid billing report I asked for more than a week ago.  I chuckled as he told me the story of how the director of special education came out to talk to him, and she was very surprised that he came to pick them up, seeing as how we were to get them by the end of the week.  (We had a power outage last night, so there was a missed bus this morning, and he was in the area) He informed her that since she said she had pulled all the paperwork and reviewed it all, it should be ready to go.  So, he says, just have your secretary make me those copies, I'll wait and casually finds himself a chair.  A few minutes later she comes back with the paperwork we ask for.  A whole half page report.
Um, Yeah...
So, we now have the billings that show she was over billing for the services received.  It also confirms that the minion isn't getting the amount of services he's due according to the IEP.  He's been shorted by 10 minutes each session.
I guess the upside to this is each time I've glanced at the report, all I can think of is: I didn't get a cover sheet on my TPS report.  We put cover sheets on all our TPS reports now.  Maybe it's coming on Saturday?
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