When we brought our home, years ago it was the middle of winter, and the entire 'yard' was cleverly hidden by leaves.  There were a lot of things about our house that were cleverly disguised, but I'm not going there today.  When spring came around, and we got rid of some of the leaves, we were horrified.  We had no idea these people were testing missiles on their property.  I mean, by the looks of this place, there could be no other explanation.
After a few years of attempting to fix it, we finally threw in the towel and brought in the big guns.  No, not mortar rounds, though, it's not a bad idea.  We hired a landscape architect to put together something that was more us.  Plants I couldn't kill, and easy to take care of.  Yep, definitely more my thing.

Front Garden of Despair

Beware! - Missile Testing Zone

Another Garden of Despair
I can't tell you how excited I was to get these plans.  Imagine a five year old on Christmas morning.  I was that excited.
Notice the lack of Missile Testing Areas?

The Great Big List of Deer Feed!
As soon as it begins to cool off we'll be starting on the back beds with the ferns.  The corner planting on the front will also be handled this year, as well as felling some trees (we have a few too many) and clearing out some small ones to give the area a park like setting.  The good people of Cumberland Valley Tree Service will be bringing by some wood chips to put into that park like setting, and it should keep the weeds down too.  
You may be wondering why we aren't putting in grass.  Well, last time you went hiking through the woods, how much grass did you see?  Exactly.  A few people have lawns here.  They also pay a service a few thousand dollars a season to keep it grassy and sorta green.  So, wood chips it is!

Anyone else as inept at plants as me?  

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  1. Hats off to you! My gardening skills are rivaled only by my stovetop cooking ability. The last few attempts resulted in a tree falling on the house. Unrelated, but it seemed like too much of a sign to continue. Can't wait to see your finished results!

  2. Bev Says:

    this is my first blog hop so i'm determined to visit and follow every one on the list. i would love for you to stop by to visit and follow me


    new follower bev

  3. Boo's Basket Says:

    Good motivation Dawn...you inspire me!


  4. Awesome plans! If you need topsoil for your yard let us know. We still have a huge mound of it from leveling the yard for a pool. Paul built some raised garden beds for me but it has only made a dent in the dirt pile lol.

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