Wednesday, we headed for a grand tour of the local wineries.  There are two.  Yeah, I know whee!  Two whole wineries.  The first one we visited is the 1000 Island Winery located right near the bridge to Canada.  Their wines were interesting.  The had a few good ones, and some that were downright awful.  Our favorite was one affectionately called Girls Are Meaner, or a gewürztraminer.  It wasn't mean at all.  It was quite smooth, so a bit of it is coming home with us along with some blueberry wine, raspberry wine and another local semi-dry Riesling.
I totally would :)

The other local winery is called Coyote Moon.  They charge to taste their wines, so we took a pass.  The last few places we found that charge for tastings do so because their stuff is pretty foul.  I was already happily buzzing from the previous tasting, so it didn't break my heart much.  From there we went into a cute little town nearby called Clayton.  The have a nice little downtown district with shopping and a few coffee houses.  We were practically forced to stop at one have something called a Mocha Loca.  It was so awful we may go back today and have another one.  Thankfully the lovely staff at the Lyric Bistro has no issue with using our almond milk in their drinks.

Another little spot in Clayton worth noting is Bella's.  Partly because you can dine right along the river and the scenery is divine, but the other reason is that you can get GF/SF food.  Their staff is well versed and you can even get dessert.  Which for those of us with food issues, this is HUGE!  Add to the fact that it was a mint brownie and it's bonus points.  I think we'll head back there on Friday evening, our last in the area.

Thursday it rained here.  Well, it was more of a downpour, all day.  So, I did what any person on holiday would do.  I looked around for a day spa to get a massage or a mani-pedi.  Oh, right, did I mention we had no electric?  Yeah, it does that when it rains around here.  So, using the 3G interwebz on the phone I hunted down someplace to get relaxed and prettied up.  I thought at first my phone wasn't working right.  But no, there are no spas.  No day spas either.  The best I could swing was a mani-pedi in a shop that also does tattoos.  Awesome, a two-fer kind of day!  I should have know when the girl doing the pedi was impressed with my own paint job on the toes to run.  But, I stuck it out.  I repainted the mess that were my finger nails this morning, a nice shade called iced merlot.

Today we are headed to the great nation of Canada.  A little drive down the river and maybe a brief stop at Fort Henry.
Fort Henry Guard

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