I was scrolling through a few of the blogs that I follow this morning and one post caught my eye, intrigued me and made me think a little.  Patty, over at Lather, Rinse, Clean had a post about her summer bucket list, and all the things she wanted to see, do and accomplish before fall sets in.  I thought it was an awesome idea, and a bit of a challenge to set those goals for yourself and strive to make them happen.

My actual bucket list can be found on Pinterest.  It has everything from exotic places I want to go see to some just off the wall crazy things I want to do.  You know, like hand some random person a briefcase and tell them quietly, 'you know what to do', before I smile and walk away.

This summer though, I have so many things on my list of to dos, that it's almost laughable.  I am however great with check lists, so maybe I'll get more done if I write them down and I can just check them off as they happen.

  • Start on the reclaim the yard from missile range project.  (check back Thursday for plans and other details)
  • Have a BBQ on the veranda for the 4th.  Entertain more in general.  I miss having people over.
  • Go fossil hunting.
  • Visit Kings Dominion.
  • Get the Minions to various Birthday Parties and other fun things they get invited to.
  • Spend an evening catching fireflies with my boys.
  • Have an evening picnic and watch the sunset with some wine.
  • Enjoy a winery tour, or three.
  • More kayaking!
  • From the King's birthday trip
  • Get out the supersoakers on a hot day and chase the minions around while drenching them from head to toe.
  • Spend a few evenings stargazing from the hot tub, with faux mojitos and margaritas in hand.
  • Finish the family room.
  • Tour Boldt Castle.
  • Enjoy the convertible on sunny days.
  • Go on an adult vacation.
  • Finish stripping and repainting the ugly furniture I've been working on.
  • Spend an evening at the drive-ins watching movies in the open air.
  • Go to the lake a few more times.
  • End the summer with a day trip to the York Fair.

What's on your list for the summer?
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  1. Daisy Says:

    Oh fossil hunting, so much fun! We have a great beach nearby to do that, when the tide is low there are so many interesting things to find.
    Found your blog through the welcome Wednesday blog hop and added myself to your followers, hope you can visit me and maybe follow back.

  2. Hubba Says:

    Thanks for following! I'm following back.


  3. Becky Says:

    This is a great idea, making a summer bucket list. I can't believe we're halfway through summer...I feel like I have so much left to accomplish! Stargazing from the hot tub sounds like fun.

    I'm your newest follower via the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Would love if you could follow me back :) Thanks!


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