Friends of ours had their 2nd baby early this morning, so Happy Birthday Ainsley!  I know where there are some cute jeggings and adorable shoes to go with the blinged out onesies that will make you look much more fabulous than the other babies in the nursery.  What?  This is a clothing post after all...

Unlike Ainsley, I won't be as blinged out.  I may wear a hat, but it won't be pink.  What I will be wearing is shown below.

A Day of Errands

My days have become a little less routine now that the boys have started cyber school, and my time at the office is shorter until the schedules are ironed out this week.  While I'm juggling that, I've also been prepping for a craft show this weekend, hence the errand running today.  I'm still in need of a sign for my booth and some round table cloths for my little tables.  I'm also making a few extra pieces of jewelry so I have plenty to show off.  

For any of you living in the area, this weekend the Make a Wish Foundation along with Concerns of Police Survivors are sponsoring Fall Fest at the Latimore Valley Fair Grounds.  Come out and show your support for both causes, and stop by my spot and buy something!  Below are a few of my pieces that will be for sale.

Knotty Love Earrings

Moonlight Sonata Bracelet

Nuts For You Necklace

Unnamed as yet Earrings

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