I don't know about all of you, but as Pumpkin Spice Latte season comes into full swing I really enjoy the crisp mornings.  The bit of nip in the air and the way it makes the leaves smell is nearly intoxicating.  This morning I decided on either a skirt or a dress, mostly because I wanted to wear my boots.  We all have a few go to pieces in our closets.  The black boots are one of mine.

I've also been playing around with color a little more of late.  I'm enjoying putting things together I normally wouldn't and stretching the things I already own a little more.  What you aren't going to find me doing is putting patterns together.  Trendy or not, it just looks like a toddler dressed you.  Another trending thing you won't see me in, over sized anything.  I'm small, so it looks like I'm playing dress up.  You also won't see me in pants and jackets in matching prints.  Kind of like the idea on the over sized clothing, I have no desire to look like drapery or a sofa.  

One thing I will embrace is fur.  I feel a little bad wearing the real thing, so I'll stick with genuine chupacabra  (what I call any type of fake fur).  What I will also skip is animal prints in large doses.  A belt here, a scarf there, maybe even a bit on some shoes, fine.  A full blouse, dress and OMG a zebra coat, no.  Just no.

One of the funniest things I've found in the fall trends are peplums, and adding padding to the hips of the models.  Why don't you just use regular ladies for your models?  We all have plenty padded hips, thanks.  We don't need more padding to make your clothes look the way they should.

Chilly Fall Mornings

The above is what I'm wearing today.

What are all of you doing to stretch your closet and are you just as amused at clothing trends as I am?

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