When you have kids, the saying is each day is something new.  I've found that to ring true from newborn to teenager.  Right now, our something new is getting used to CyberSchool.

The second minion is adapting a little faster.  His time management isn't great yet, but that's a learned skill and something we'll be working on through this week.  He only has to 'show up' for a few classes each day, and the rest of the time is his, to go at his pace, and accomplish things in whatever order he chooses.  Sometimes he chooses to daydream for an hour or so through history, so school can drag on a long time if he's not careful.

Minion #1 is a whole other scenario.  From what we can tell, he's not had to really work at school.  He's had an aide to do a lot of, as it seems, everything for him.  Right now we're working on thinking for ourselves instead of waiting, sometimes hours, for someone else to prompt him with ideas and thoughts.  I think if he can figure out how to play Skyward Sword and think his way through other video games, he can think his way through school work too.  Probably without someone to do it for him.  I know - shocking, isn't it?

This morning I got out my kitchen timer and dusted it off.  I haven't used it much since the days of potty training, but I figured we'd give it a try.  Granted, it will probably have the side effect of making them both need to run to the potty each time it dings, but they'll have to suffer until they learn to manage their time a bit better.

Normally by this time of the morning, I'm not sitting around with wet hair still, proctoring lessons.  I'm usually happily settled in my office chair, sipping some coffee and getting my day underway.  The last few weeks, I've been dealing with school(s), still working when and where I can and trying to keep up with a renovation, house work, the laundry monster and the usual other things that go on in every day lives.  Adding CyberSchool into an already busy schedule has been hard, I won't lie.  I can also say that's it's really been worth it to see the minions get back to enjoying school and enjoying learning.

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