Sometimes, you get a craving for something and you know it's going to make you a little miserable around the edges.  Pizza is that thing for me.  I just don't even care that I'm going to feel a little ick from the cheese.  I know it's going to taste really, really good though.  Mostly I think it's because it's one of the things the husband makes on his own with no help from me, and somehow, food made by someone else always tastes better.

Since I can't have soy, I can't just buy a frozen pizza either.  We use Bob's Red Mill Pizza mix.  The handy instructions are on the package, and Bob, good man that he is, includes enough mix for two pizzas.  Yay for leftovers!

In our house, we make a minor modification and skip the eggs that it calls for and use a flax seed and water mixture instead.  Makes the crust a little more interesting in texture while still tasting great.

Pizza sauce can be store bought, homemade, or if you're really adventureous try pesto.  Tonights version will be made with Del Grosso's regular pizza sauce.  It's good, and fairly local to us.

For any of you not familar with what gluten free dough is like, imagine the gooey part of paper mache.  It's sort of like that and it gets all over your hands.  Fun to play in, but impossible to roll out.  You have to just half the dough and press it to the pan with wet fingers.  The water keeps it from sticking to you.  Pop it in the oven to par bake for a few minutes.

Once the crust has baked a few minutes, pull it out and decorate it up the way you want it with the toppings.  Bake as normal and enjoy.

I know a few of you are thinking, WAIT!  Where is the beer?  Don't you know that pizza and beer go together like bacon and...well, anything?  Yes, I'm well aware.  I don't have beer with every pizza, but when I do, I drink Redbridge.

Uh, Oh, fire alarm just went off.  Guessing that means pizza is ready!
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