Friendship bracelets
With the boys getting older, some holidays just aren't the same anymore.  Some however, are getting to be a little more fun.  This year, Valentine's day was one of them.  Both boys were excited for their school parties, and instead of buying the crappy little kid valentines, we made them this year.  I found this cute idea on Pinterest.com and sent them in with both boys.  All their classmates now have friendship bracelets, and both boys were excited to give them out.  I think I was nearly as excited to hear about how the party went after school that day, as they were to tell me all about it.

Breakfast in bed
The boys, however, ended up with mom-made coupon books for Valentine's Day instead of a bunch of candy or cards they don't really care about.  The coupon books are filled with things like get out of chores today and ice cream date with mom.  There are day trips, and a movie and one of the coupons was for breakfast in bed.  Both boys decided to take advantage of that one this weekend.  One batch of homemade blueberry pancakes topped with bananas and maple syrup later, I had some very happy little minions.

Happy minion #2
Needless to say, mom coupons will show up for other holidays.  They were unbelievably well received.  Logan is going through his as fast as he can.  Connor is savoring his a little more, but not by much.  Now I just have to come up with new ideas for this to put in the coupon books.
Happy minion #1

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