I don't normally post things over the weekend, but I've been lax in posting much of anything lately. Life has been hectic.
I say that, and I bet you're all thinking, my life is hectic too. I imagine it is. In fact, I like going places and imagining lives for people. It's an amusing past time as you wait for your coffee, browse through a store, or wait for dinner to arrive at your table. Every time I go thrifting, I try to pick out the hoarder I'm sure is in the store. I wonder which person in line at Starbucks is really just some toddlers mother that's escaped the kid for an hour. Finally, when I see two people out in the evening that seem a little awkward together, I don't think awww, they're on their first date. No, I think those two could be covert operatives comparing notes, or maybe they're having a wild and sleazy affair, this is just the part we get to see.
Our imaginations take us many places in our lives. Good places, bad places and all the places in between. I wonder too, if other people still let their imaginations run wild. Do you let your inner child come out sometimes? What does he or she do? Do they talk to you? What do they say? How does it effect the choices you make, or how you make them? Do you let yourself pretend sometimes?
I've posed a few questions for you all to answer, either for yourself, or maybe in the comments section (hint, hint) and here are a few of the things I do to let my inner child come out and play.

I still play dress up. My absolute favorite place to do so is at White House Black Market. They even help bring you clothes!
I've always wanted to meet the husband at some bar, act like I don't know him and see how well he does trying to 'pick me up'.
Look at that cloud - it looks like a monkey riding a dinosaur! Rawr!
I name everything Bob. People, animals, inanimate objects. They all gets names and they're Bob.
I love places that use big sheets of paper to cover their tables, especially if they have crayons too. I can't help but draw and color, even if I'm with other adults.
Legos, seriously. Still love them.
Water guns in the summer, nerf dart guns in the winter.
Sometimes I make pancakes into faces or animals.
I might have been caught, once, using condiments to make faces on hamburgers.
Sprinkles and whipped cream on ice cream really does make it taste better.

So there you have it, a few things I do to bring out my inner child. Now that I've shown you mine, will you show me yours?
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