And so this past Sunday morning began with a decided lack of muffins.  I was having dreams of fresh, warm from the oven muffins.  Something with cranberries in it.  One of the minions, who for his personal safety shall remain nameless, ate all the applesauce.  Muffins could be made without it, but they just don't taste the same.  So, a pox on you small child, I know where you sleep, and when.  Just for spite, I may explain all about Santa on a random Tuesday.

After some coffee, the last prednisone for this cycle (no tail yet, btw), and some cereal (I put craisins in it, just because) we trudged back to the family room. With crowbars in hand, the last of the paneling was dealt with.  I had no idea you had to put paneling in with railroad spikes, but in a few places someone decided it was a great idea!  It's not.  Paneling in general is just a bad idea, so if you ever considered it, just stop.  Stop now.

Gold Leaf Beaver
The day before this, we spent running about the countryside looking at different types of furniture.  Some interesting, some not, some expensive, some not, but we did agree on a number of things.  We now know what we're looking for, if we ever get the walls put back up.  And, $39,000 for a gold leaf beaver is really just too much.

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