I've never understood why guys, who are visual for the most part, have such trouble every morning picking something out to wear.  Let me clarify that - trouble picking things that look good together.  With proper accessories and shoes most of the items in a guys closet can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to form great outfits.
Late last week, I noticed the blank stare was coming back every time the husband got near the closet.  It was an almost fearful look.  Something crossed between a don't make me go in there and have to choose something, and I know that's where the sock monster lives, and he's hangry (hungry enough to make him mad).  Sock monsters eat humans when they're hangry.  Especially ones that linger in the closet hunting for an outfit to wear.
Mix and Match Pieces
Apparently that's also my cue to throw a few more outfits together on polyvore and post them where he can find them easily.  It also cuts down on the time it takes me to dress him in the morning.
This weeks outfits were some closet staples, the light and dark lightweight leather moto jackets and then some things that only see the light of day for special occasions.  I don't see the point of owning clothing you only wear for special events.  If you can't integrate it into your everyday wear, the cost per wear is nearly preventative.  So, break out your cuff links and three piece suits.  You might as well wear them.  Try wearing a dress shirt and vest under a cardi or jacket with your nicer jeans and some awesome shoes or boots.  Have a shirt with french cuffs?  Even better.  Wear them.
Guys, a little secret.  Your suits and cuff links and specialty items are to women what lingerie is to you.  
Office Wear Business Casual
Our office has a Smart Business Casual dress code.  We can wear jeans, if they're in pristine condition and we wear a jacket or sweater with them.  Normally, we're in nicer stuff unless we're crawling under desks that day.
The miltary vibe has been in style for a while now, so a darker sweater in that style, with a nice dress shirt, cuffed and either a pair of non-cotton chinos or dress pants you have an outfit.  Add great shoes, not scuffed and a watch, you're starting to accessorize.  Those details are what makes you look put together.  I can also say from experience they tend to build a little confidence as well.
Mostly Monochrome

Another fun thing to do from time to time is wear a monochromatic color scheme.  Subtle variations on one color for you guys who just said 'huh?' in your heads.  A pair of crisp, dark grey jeans, with a black or charcoal cashmere sweater, a moto jacket in black, maybe a deep grey stripe down the arm, or the chest.  That's your base outfit.  Depending on the sweater you choose, you could put a pop of color under it with a t-shirt, or add a scarf if the weather calls for it.  A stainless watch to put on some shine, or even a bracelet if you're the type for it adds depth and interest.  So do shoes.  I can't stress that enough.
Having a few great pairs of shoes and boots is essential.  If you refer to your shoes as the brown ones and the black ones, and I have sneakers too, you need a few more pair.  It will increase the life of the ones you already own, give the shoes a day or so to breathe and probably, if you have some back issues, help with that as well.
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