The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Lao-tzu.

Lao is a smart man.  Some days I think he also had an autistic child and had miles to go each day before he slept.  Yes, different poet, but it does feel that way some days.  I might have also had a mango mojito (which accounts for the poet mixture) to recover from the pre-op testing the minion went through today.  He's having an Oreo yogurt, and for newly minted 14 yr olds, that's about the same thing.
Today we arrived at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to start the process of having the minions pacer replaced.  He has total heart block ( no natural heartbeat of his own) so he relies on the pacer day in and out.  We are averaging 7 years on each pacer now.  Now that he's older they are moving the pacer to the shoulder and replacing the leads.  The new leads will run into the heart and reside in both the atria and the ventricle instead of being outside the heart and only being attached to the ventricle. The husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how well the day went.  The minion was cool, calm and collected, minus a tear or two for a blood draw.
Because of being around him day in and day out, it's often difficult to gauge growth.  Today we saw that growth and maturity in spades.  I can only hope that tomorrow goes as well. Tomorrow he is faced with liquid versed to get him relaxed, then a mask with some gas to knock him out while they IV, and finish prepping him.  If that doesn't work, they have to IV him while awake, fighting it and generally making anyone in shouting distance regret being awake at that time of the day.
Are you a bad parent if you're willing to bribe your child with anything at your disposal to have scenario 1 happen?  I'm trying to figure out how many DS games or iTunes money for more Adele it may take.  Feel free to start the betting pool.

P.S. Check out the instagram widget for photos from today.
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