This week has really been a whirlwind around here.  The minions were off for their first full week of summer.  We made it to the pool, which was nice for those of us who don't look like a fork in the microwave anytime their skin comes in contact with UV rays.  I'm beginning to think the King is hiding some sort of secret from me. I wear dark sunglasses anytime I'm out in the sun, so it's hard to tell if that's sparkles or not.  Had a good bit on my plate with work, the family room is ready to paint, and we had a load of mulch show up that was literally bigger than my car.  About a third of that pile has been allocated to 'flower' beds and lining the driveway, but there is still more to go.
Holy Mulch Pile Batman!
My parents took the minions with them for a week, so we celebrated Father's Day here on Thursday evening.  You might have seen the cool Super Dad wreath from duct tape and other household items, but the other gift he got was a really nifty keepsake book from Picaboo.  I didn't even get a chance to get a photo of it before it too was whisked away to the office to show off to the guys.  But, it was super easy to make.  The hard part was picking which photos to use.
The rest of today will probably be set aside to let the King enjoy his day as I go about cooking, cleaning, and getting some yard work done at my own pace.  With the minions away I don't have to stop for snacks, to break up squabbles, find things like a missing sock or have meals at regular hours so the minions don't revolt.
I'll miss spending the day with my dad, but I've heard all is well where they are.  Valhalla, dad's personal tree house was explored by Minion #1 and deemed to be pretty cool, a 400 lb black bear was seen, the sand pile aptly named "This Land" has been restored to it's dino filled glory and cherry cheesecake will be made later today.

Happy Father's Day guys.  I hope you all have a great day with your little, and not so little minions!
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