How many times have you thought about how nice it would be if the average person would just be nice.  Nice to you, even.  What about if they did something nice for you?  What would that something be?
Yesterday, while I was out doing my weekly grocery shopping I had the chance to stand back and do nothing or make the choice to make someone's life a whole lot easier, happier and more joyful.  For me the choice was easy.  I didn't know the guy.  It didn't matter if I did or not.  Another person needed a hand so I gave them mine for a brief moment.
For those of you with kids, do you teach your kids to be nice to people?  Do you teach your sons to hold doors for ladies?   Do you teach them to smile at people they don't know?   Do you teach your daughters to smile and say thank you to those holding a door for her?  Or do you teach them your indifference?  More than any lesson you can teach your kids, your attitudes and actions about people and things are what sticks with your kids.  Not your words about what you should do.

So, if you're that guy that's now eating his bananas and bread and whatever else I paid for the other day, you're very welcome.  What little thing have you done to pay it forward?
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  1. We sometimes pay for the person behind us in the drive thru at fast food places. It always surprises them.

  2. Dawn Says:

    Well, now I know who to follow around. But not in the stalker-esque way that just sounded like.

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