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I saw this amazing wreath over at Made in a Day, and loved it.  Truly loved it, but I wanted something a tad different with Father's Day coming up.  So, as I was carting mulch around half the day today, and cracking the whip on my minions to pull weeds faster I came up with an idea. (A terribly Grinchy idea!)
I didn't have half the stuff Miss Kim used on her wreath.  But like any good Pennsyltuckian, I have me some duct tape, old clothes and a nearby dollar store.  I was set!
What I wanted was something cool, but not cute.  Not frilly, and certainly not in pink.  I took inventory of what I had lying about and decided I could pull this off with an old pair of cargo pants, some curtains I was pitching and an old shirt.
This really is starting to sound like some Hill Billy Frankenstein creation, but here's my parts list:

A pool noodle. (found at dollar tree)
Duct tape
Cargo pants
An old shirt from the man of your choice
One curtain panel
(I'm reading over this list and cringing as I type)
Ribbon (dollar tree in the 4th of July section)
Wire garland with stars (also 4th of July @ Dollar Tree)
An 8X10 picture frame (yeah...Dollar Tree)
This Printable
Fabric scissors
A hot glue gun

Get one of your minions and the pool noodle.  Have them hold the ends together so it makes a circle.  Duct tape it together.  Presto!  Wreath form.

Cut your material into 3" wide lengths.  On the cargo pants, cut out the pocket on one of the pants legs and set a aside.  We'll come back to that later.  You'll need about 3 lengths of cargo pants.  3-6 of the shirt, and if you're using a curtain panel, one and a half lengths of that.

Plug in your Hot Glue Gun.

In the meantime, print out your printable.  You'll need to cut it down slightly to fit in your frame.  Before you close up the frame, slide your ribbon through the top.  You'll be affixing that to your wreath later.

Once the glue gun is oozing, get a length of your cargo pant, glue it to your wreath and start wrapping it.  You'll want to glue the material to itself on each wrap so it doesn't come apart or move.  It doesn't take much, just enough to hold it in place.  Cover your noodle with enough of the pants to span just a bit longer than the pocket we set aside.

Next wrap your shirt and curtain panel alternating until you're back to the cargo pants.  Then, get that pocket we set aside and glue that puppy on over the cargo pants.

Cut a length of the garland and wrap your wreath.

Affix your photo frame to the wreath via the ribbon.  I tied mine.  Feel free to glue or anything else you can come up with.  Fairly sure this project can't get anymore backwoodsy unless you decide on duct tape to use as ribbon.  Finally, hot glue the frame in place.

Happy Father's Day to all of you guys out there.

P.S. You can find this lovely tutorial, along with a number of other fantastic ideas over at Made in a Day! & Just Us Four
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  1. I love it! Great job!!! Post it to my Linky party going on now!

  2. Love it!! Following back from the hop :)

  3. shandy Says:

    This is so cool! Yay Dawn!

  4. Dawn ... this is a great tutorial! pippa

  5. Kim Says:

    What a great way to turn ordinary everyday items into a wreath! Love it!

  6. Stopping by to let you know I am featuring you at tomorrows linky party

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