I'm fairly certain the King got all excited reading that title, but the truth is this article is less about clothes this week and more about beauty products.   Not to worry, there's an outfit and a Polyvore put together for reference too!

Most of you can go into a store look at something think 'hey, that's neat, I'll try that' and do so.  Those of us with allergies or issues with gluten, wheat and soy, can't.  I know a few of you are thinking, they make products for that, just go buy them.  You're right, they do, and Afterglow Cosmetics is one of them.  To get the bare minimum of what I wear day to day (powder, gloss, eye liner and mascara) I'd be staring down a $140 bill.

You can however, find other options.  ELF is one of them.  The same products will run you $29 direct from ELF.  Some of their products do contain tocopheryl acetate, but a quick email to ELF and they were willing to tell me that it was not soy based.  For day to day makeup, you can't beat ELF in my book.

I had the same issues with soaps, shampoos, lotions, laundry detergent, and fabric softner.  You can buy some really nice specialty products, but I have this thing called a budget.  Some of you may have heard of one, I stay within it so we can do things like eat.

After some trial and error (hives and itchiness) I've found that St. Ives makes some nice shower gels and lotions.  Pantene and Garnier make a few products without wheat, soy and milk, but as with everything, read the labels carefully each time you purchase.  Neutrogena Naturals are nice as well.  Face wash, lotion and lip balm. All free from wheat but has some tocopherol in the lotion and lip balm.  I've not reacted to it, so it's either VERY low, or not specific to soy.

Laundry detergent I gave up on and I make my own.  A few brands of fabric softner are out there that don't have soy in them, most are store brands.  The big name expensive ones almost all do.  Need a pre treater?  Use Fels Naptha, it's a laundry soap bar, they tell you exactly what's in it and it actually works better than the spray it on stuff.

When you visit the salon, be sure the products that are used on you are GF and soy free.  Don't forget about the little things too, like waxes, their towels, and finishing products.  If they don't know, or aren't willing to learn, find a new salon.  Same thing with your manicurist.  Some of the polishes are now soy based, same with removers.

You can also call ahead to hotels to check their linens and products.  Fairly certain Embassy Suites thinks I'm a total nutcase, but I wasn't itchy after sleeping in their beds and using their linens and bath products.

So, that's what I'm not wearing against my skin today.

What I am wearing is this:
Extreme Heat Today- hence the shorts

Tucker is ready for his closeup

White linen blazer - consignment
Turquoise linen tank - consignment
Those two were part of a suit, with a pair of lined white trousers - $15
Navy trouser shorts with a deep turquoise stripe - Thrifted $2
White Life Stride Slides - Marshalls $15 
Tucker - Adopted at the Helen O. Krause No kill Animal Shelter - Priceless

Sweltering Heat of the Summer

P.S. You can find this outfit and a ton of others for more inspiration this summer over at The Pleated Poppy!
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  1. Ixachel L. Says:

    Great outfit. And your cat looks a lot like mine! So cute.

    New follower from Blogaholic. Find me at http://futuresfading.blogspot.com/

  2. Awesome blog post! I've had to cut out both cocoa and vanilla-cinnamon scented stuff since last summer. No more cookie-scented lotions for me. Definitely sharing this post with my fellow allergy sufferers!

  3. Debi Says:

    First, I want to tell you what a great informative article this is. I am allergic to everything, and this is wonderful. Thank you so much for linking with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop. I would love to have anything you want link anytime.
    Debi Bolocofsky

  4. Dawn Says:

    @Debi - Thanks so much for stopping by! Your positive reinforcement may have given me the courage to write an other article about allergens. Let's just say after a long line of infections I found out exactly what's in some over the counter med that my GP was certain was completely safe.

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