While the minions were away with my parents they went to visit the Museum of Geology and Natural History in Morgantown, West Virginia.   The museum houses the only fossilized dinosaur in the state of West Virginia, and serves as an education center as well.

This is the second visit the boys have had there and both times the curator of the museum has taken time out of their day to go over exhibits, answer questions patiently and explain geology in depth to a 10 year old.  Which by the way is a huge thing when you've already planned out that your undergrad degree will be in geology and then you'll be a paleontologist after that and work at the Smithsonian.

The minions also came away with some really nice fossils complements of the curator and the museum.  While we're sending them a nice thank you, I thought it would be great to give them a mention here as well and if you live in the vicinity, or are just looking for a day trip, check them out.  Don't forget that it's people like Patricia Johns that inspire and help educate your kids.  Be sure to thank them, and if you can, give generously to places such as this so they can continue to do wonderful things, like encourage your kids to follow their dreams.

Fossilized plant
Fossilized Ferns
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