I spent my day Sunday luxuriating the day away in bed, napping and watching tv.  In between the napping, I was also reminding myself that eggplant is bad for me, with a capital B.  The nightshade family generally is, and I generally avoid it like a zombie plague.  But as with any food intolerance you feel the need to check it from time to time.  Turns out, still horridly intolerant to it.

Anyway, the nice part of the day was Netflix, providing me with episode after episode of things to mostly nap to.  Yesterday I chose a program from Animal Planet called The Haunted.  Thoroughly amused at how many of the stories took place in Pennsyltucky, or nearby I thought I'd relate a story of my own today.

This story doesn't start out with a long time ago, or in a galaxy far, far away.  It starts about 6 years ago in Mechanicsburg.  Just down the street from the old stone house on Trindle Road.  We rented a building there that at one time was a two story wooden farm house.  Cute place, wide front porch and had hosted a number of businesses over the years both retail and office.  None of which stayed overly long, but I didn't think much of it at the time.

Cute old house isn't it?

So, after we had gotten the keys and the OK from the owner I started repainting a few of the rooms colors we preferred and hired my dad to do some minor reno work to the stairs.  As I was painting I would hear someone coming and going downstairs, foot steps, doors, the usual noises of people.  At the time I figured it was the building owner or my dad coming in to check dimensions on something before buying supplies that day, but when I had asked them, neither had been there.  I didn't think much of it, the place was old, creaky and it was probably my imagination.

We got all of our things moved in, set up and started working.  There were 4 of us in and out through the day and one day while all of us were there we heard the footsteps, doors opening and closing and some people talking.  Again, we all sort of shrugged and went back to work.  Curious, though we spoke with the building owner and they hadn't been there.

This continued for a few months.  It was nothing to hear what you thought was someone coming into the building, walking around, and hearing a conversation.  Then on checking, there was no one there.  What wasn't in the range of 'normal' was the basement door.  We started hearing it open and slam shut.  Now that would also be no big deal, but it had some sort of latch and was locked.  The we started finding it open from time to time.  We'd close it, latch it and lock it back up just to come in the next morning and go through the process all over again.

While all of this is decidedly strange, nothing ever really "happened".  None of our things were moved.  Nothing was ever damaged.  Our equipment didn't malfunction, nothing.  We just heard noises and had a door that didn't like to be closed.  What we also had were a few employees that weren't so comfortable with the situation and we too moved on fairly quickly.

All in all it makes for a good story as long as we don't tell it in front of the one employee that got so creeped out by it.  To this day he still wants nothing to do with recalling all the stuff that went down or talking about it.

P.S. If you run into the King today and he tells you I threw the hot iron at him, he LIES!  

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