This evening, the King and I went to another fun little class.  It was glass fusing this time.  Not quite as much fun as having a few thousand degrees of fire to play with, but still fun.  

We learned how to cut glass with a pistol grip glass cutter (very carefully and slowly).  And then how to break it off correctly without cutting ourselves.  Very helpful for the King.  I wasn't going to leave class to drive his butt to the ER for stitches.  

Carefully cutting out the shapes for the pendants.

Then we learned about using different types of glass to fuse.  Using the different varieties we had available to us, confetti, sticks, opaque and dichroic we proceeded to make ourselves each two pendants.  The King chose to make some rather manly things.  One should turn out looking like glassy rock and the other a neato abstract piece.  I went a wee bit more girly.

Like you didn't know I wouldn't do a dragonfly?

These took a bit of patience and a set of tile nippers to do.  Most of the glass pieces are smaller than a pinkie nail and the thickness of a toothpick.   Once we had everything in place and were ready to say done, you spray them with liquid hairspray (adhesive) and put a clear glass piece over it.

They will spend about 24 hours in a kiln and bake around 1400 degrees.  We can pick them up on Wednesday, so I'll be sure to post all the finished products next week.

What did you make this week?

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  1. That's really awesome. I'm more a fan of the girly ones myself.

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