Things have been crazy around here the last few weeks, so blog posts have been sporadic at best.  One thing that hasn't though has been the fascination with Time 4 Learning.
The youngest has been at it sporadicly the oldest more frequently, without us really asking them to.  As school is starting up once again we'll be reviewing the syllabus' from the school and filling in with Time 4 Learning for extra review and bolstering the studies they have.

Through this week we'll be working through some of the material with them to see how much it's being retained and see how the quizzes go.

Next week I'll be asking the boys to write a little something about the process themselves.  We'll see what they have to say about it and if they're going to stick with it.  If any of you have questions for them, just et me know.  I'll have the minions do their best to answer them.
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