Minion #1 is our trash collector around here.  Each Tuesday without fail he gathers up all the trash in the house for the week and puts it in the overly large toter in the garage.  He's such a fantastic garbage man he even sorts the recyclables out and puts them in the recycle bin.  The important part of that is that he's not a big kid.  Maybe the size of a small 10yr old, but he can easily do it because we just don't make that much garbage.
A few small things that we've adopted around here to cut down on the waste are:
  • Making our own laundry soap from eco friendly components that come out of cardboard or paper containers that can be composted.
  • Taking our own shopping bags with us everywhere. (I swear I'm going to make veggie bags too)
  • Buying things second hand where we can, and it's safe to do so. 
  • Buying what's needed, and not what's wanted.
  • Reselling, donating, or freecycling items we are done using.
  • Not buying individually packaged items, especially lunch items.  We use reusable containers as much as we can.
  • We also avoid disposable cutlery and plates where we can.
  • Choosing items that have less packaging to begin with or that can be recycled and not thrown away.
  • Educating our children as to why we do all this.

What are a few ways you've cut down on waste?

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  1. David Sizer Says:

    I forgot we took that picture of Minion #1 with his cute goggles on...

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