I say that a lot.  This past week I think more so than usual.  There was the minion #1's wound not really closing from surgery a month ago.  Then, the subsequent infection, more meds, bandages to change.  So the drama.  My cats ate one of my Mother's Day presents.  Not that the morning glory stood much of a chance with me around, but still.  It was growing, and looking good.  Now it just looks like green stems with one nibbled on leaf.  How good can a potted plant really taste?
And then there was the opossum.  Oh, yes.  An opossum.
Not playing possum.
We thought the opossum was playing possum at first.  He (or she, I'm an equal opportunity opossum person) was all snuggled up in the leaves in our yard peeking his head up now and then.  The King came to alert me about the opossum, in the middle of the afternoon which prompted a 'Wait, what?', from me.  Being a nocturnal critter, I had never seen one of the varmints in the daylight outside of a zoo.
I walked outside to gawk at it, expecting it to be playing possum.  Happily passed out in the yard, having been scared by something, probably minion #2.  But no, it was awake.  Someone had shot it, and not done a very good job of it.  Shooting something on a Sunday is a no-no in Pennsyltucky.  Also a no-no to not dispose or collect your target, not to mention we do live in a neighborhood.  Even in Pennsyltucky you can't discharge a firearm in a residential area.
We had a bit of an opossum memorial service, and put the poor thing to rest.  We're now referring to Mother's Day as Sad Possum Day here.
Today dawned coldish, dreary and raining.  As the King walked minion #2 to the bus, another opossum awaited us on the driveway.  This one was also shot, he gasped his last on the cold, wet, asphalt as he bled out.  Who knew Sad Possum Day was a two day event?  He joined the other one in our back yard.  There was talk of a tombstone for the possum brothers by minion #2.  Only half hearing the conversation, my inner mom voice said 'Wait, what?', before I smiled and went back to what I was doing.
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  1. Sad Possum Day. That's epic.

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