I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with their cable company.  We all loves us some trashy tv, but no one wants to shell out at least a hundred bucks a month for the overrated privilege of watching Snooki.  When our cable bill was inching towards $150/month.  We said enough is enough.
So, the King put on his crown, picked up the royal telephone and called the neighboring kingdom of Comcast.  He asked about different plans (there really weren't any we wanted to pay for) or just lowering the rates.  Being the powerful kingdom they are, they said no.  "Okay", says my King.  "Then we'd like to cancel our cable service".  The Court Jester of Comcast told us how much it would be to turn it off.  Yes, you have to pay to have your cable turned off.  It's a one time disconnect fee because they have to pay someone to come out and physically throw a switch on the cable box.  Fine, we agree to pay the disconnect fee just to make them go away and be free from the oppressive kingdom of Comcast. (Help!, Help! We're being repressed!)
Funny thing about paying for the disconnect fee.  We were never disconnected.  To be fair, we did disconnect our cable box and return it to the Royal Comcast Cable box Stables.  Our TV's however are still picking up cable, to this day, two years later.
 Pretty much to scale.
In the mean time we've been using XBMC to stream video, etc to the tv, but the fan died in the PC that was running it, and one can only take just so much Anthony Bourdain until you have find an alternative.  And find one we did.
Roku has been on our radar for a while, but wasn't quite robust and polished enough until just recently.  The Roku XS retails for under $100, and if there is a channel out there streaming content you'll have access to it.  It's super simple to set up, super easy to add channels, and if one remote isn't enough for you, there's an app for your smart phone to turn in into additional remotes.

Now, each time I sit down to watch tv, I smile and think to myself, 'Comcast, you can Suck It!'
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