Ok, the unmentionables, which will remain unseen and unmentionable were purchased new.  The rest of my outfit, however was not.  Today, I am head to toe thrifted, consigned and upcycled!

I was at my favorite Salvation Army store the other day and found this ensemble.  A cute sundress from Tommy Hilfiger.  The waist is a little higher than I normally wear, but hey, for $5, who's complaining?  Not I.  I could hide a food baby in there, and it sorta looks like I did without the jacket.  This is why I wear structured clothing, my friends.  The jean jacket was another find at the same store.  Finding a structured jacket in Keebler Elf (size 2) was a huge win.  Finding it for $3 - priceless.
My shoes, you may recall from previous posts such as Fantasy vs. Reality in the Land of Polyvore.  They were also $3 (Also NEW!  I want to mention I'm not a fan of thrifted footwear unless it's new or near new).  I was running a bit late this morning or you'd also be seeing my $8 Relic handbag.  It's orange, matches the shoes and has awesome braided leather handles.  If Becky ever finishes her application to the Midvale School for the Gifted, she can tell you all about it!
The necklace wasn't thrifted, nor was it consigned.  I stumbled across a huge bag of glass beads at a flea market a while back.  For $8 I've been making some interesting things.  On display today are a necklace, and hoop earrings and if you squint in the photo of the sundress, you'll see the matching bracelet.

What little treasures have you found at your local thrift shop?

P.S. I'm officially coming out of the designer closet today. I'm Dawn and...
Meet Virginia Design

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  1. 14 mile yard sale today and I am baked, but I got an awesome painting for $1.50, and a metal shower caddy for 50 cents that is not going anywhere near the iron-laden water in my shower that turns everything orange, but in the craft corner where it will hold all kinds of odds and ends. :)

  2. And PS - You look really fabulous!

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