I got to wondering about this when I was writing the about me page.  I very much dislike trying to summarize myself, or things that I like or do. Lists are a bit easier for me to write, so I did.  Here are a few things that make me, well, me.

Yarr!  Thar be birthday cake.

  • I can recite almost the entire book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by heart.  Also...Goodnight Moon, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, and most of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • I bake better than those little Keebler elves.  No one gets a store bought birthday cake around here.  No siree bob, we get pirate ships, swimming pools, dinosaurs with chocolate scales, you get the idea.
  • My attraction to shoes and the color purple is legendary, but did you know about my love affair with hats? 
  • It takes me forever to fall asleep.  My brain has no slow down or off function so I literally fall asleep some nights mid thought.
  • The only movie that ever made me remotely sick to my stomach was fight club.  Human fat in a bag...the thought is making me gag even now.
  • The only movie that has ever made me cry, Forrest Gump.  Stupid Jenny, why do you have to die every time?  *sniff*
  • I still look in the mirror and wonder who that lady is looking back at me.
  • I never wanted kids growing up, but I'm pretty good at being a mom.
  • About the kids thing, I might have a small mama bear streak in me.  Don't mess with my kids.  I will hunt you down and make you wish you never met me, or my children in this life, or the next if you even think about it.
  • I can freakishly recall details about people and places or conversations from years ago, word for word sometimes.  Phone numbers too.
  • I organize things alphabetically.  Even my spices in the kitchen.
  • I really dislike not being on time.  It makes my nearly have an anxiety attack. 
  • I won't fill out forms for people who already have my info.  My info hasn't changed, just the paper you want it on.
  • I have to be sick to nap in the daytime.
  • I really, really hate it when people look at me, then look at me again and say...you look so familiar.
  • I go out of my way to smile at old people and kids with obvious special needs.  I love it when they smile back, it makes me happy.  
  • I would so make Alex Trebek my bitch if I ever get on Jeopardy.
What are a few things that make you, you?

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